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US FDA approved diode laser machine for permanent hair removal

February 16,2023

US FDA Approved Diode Laser Machine For Permanent Hair Removal

The melanin in hair follicles is easily broken down by diode devices since they use a single wavelength of light. That is less dangerous for people with dark skin than earlier Nd: yag laser.

To access its safest settings, the device also detects the color of your skin and hair. It has two heads for larger or smaller regions and six power levels.

<a class='inkey' href='' target='_blank'>diode laser hair removal machine</a> Features & Advantages 1.808nm diode laser hair removal system uses the most advanced technology that penetrates , More assured the mechanism performance, clinical results, safety. 2.High energy: no pigmentation, excellent treatment result can be expected at the first treatment and suitable to all types of hair. 3. Long laser width:Effective for the hair follicles produce heat accumulation, Permanent hair removal.


808nm wavelength

One of the most common and efficient laser wavelengths for permanent hair removal is 808 nm. This laser's wavelength can reach and kill follicles by penetrating deeply into the skin. On most skin types, it is also highly safe and efficient.

Because it employs semiconductor technology to produce coherent projections of light in the visible to infrared spectrum, the diode laser is a fantastic option for laser hair removal. This enables it to kill certain chromophores in the skin while sparing nearby tissue damage. It is therefore perfect for treating big areas like the back or chest.

A diode laser delivers the best penetration depth of any laser wavelength, resulting in improved melanin absorption, same with the Fractional Co2 Laser Machine which can result to a fewer side effects. This is an additional advantage of utilizing a diode laser for laser hair removal. This implies that it can be used to most skin types, even those with darker skin, safely and efficiently.

It's crucial to remember that skin types 4, 5, and 6 should not use this laser wavelength. This is because it absorbs excessive amounts of melanin and harms those with dark skin.

It is a good idea to use a professional diode laser device for permanent hair removal that offers a selection of different wavelengths to prevent these problems. This will enable you to treat the majority of skin types and guarantee that each and every one of your clients receives the best care.

Although there are many different laser wavelengths available, 808nm is the most common on professional laser hair removal equipment. This wavelength is selected because it offers the best penetration and melanin absorption properties.

This laser can treat the majority of skin types because it can pierce the skin at a depth of about 3 cm. The majority of specialists favor this wavelength since it is also quite good at removing hair.

This laser is excellent for anyone who wants to permanently get rid of unwanted hair, and it's also a terrific choice for people who want to minimize their pores or even out the tone of their skin. Additionally, it helps to raise collagen levels and tighten skin, enhancing the skin's overall appearance.


The US FDA has authorized the diode laser device as a highly efficient instrument for permanent hair removal. Because of this, it is the most secure way to get rid of unwanted hair for all skin and hair types.

It makes use of the selective photothermolysis principle to destroy only certain chromophores in the skin—typically melanin or blood—while sparing the surrounding tissue. This interferes with hair development and prevents the production of new cells that might promote renewal.

Intense light beams are produced by this technique and travel through the epidermis before being absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles. The melanin in the follicle is subsequently damaged and destroyed by the laser by selectively heating up its chromophores.

For best results, a few sessions of diode laser permanent hair removal are required. The therapist will target the melanin and hair follicles with a succession of flashes throughout each session. Then, every few minutes, these flashes are repeated until the hair is totally destroyed.

Clients can expect to see a significant decrease in the amount of body hair after a few treatments. It's crucial to remember that not all hairs will be eliminated permanently. Though they will be paler and thinner than before, some hairs will regrow.

Following a laser treatment, some patients may have brief adverse reactions such skin redness, swelling, irritability, and itching. These are not major side effects and may only last a few days after the treatment.

Lasers must be used by a qualified physician or other health care provider, as with any medical devices. The practitioner must have completed training in risk analysis and laser safety. Additionally, they need to be knowledgeable about any applicable standards and laws, the laser's safety precautions, and how to properly record its use.

In compliance with ANSI Standard Z136.1-2000, the laser must be properly maintained. To ensure that the laser is being utilized in accordance with these regulations, an inspection form is supplied.

Commercially produced lasers in the US are categorized using a numerical hazard categorization method (Classes 1 through 4). The maximum output of the laser as well as the wavelength and pulse duration (if applicable) must all be listed on labels.

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Easy to use

All skin types can benefit from using diode laser equipment, which is also quite simple to use and painless hair removal machine. They are a great option for salon owners wishing to expand their treatment options to include hair removal because they provide a wide selection of spot sizes and wavelengths.

Make sure the laser hair removal device you select for your salon is inexpensive, secure, and equipped with all the features necessary to run a profitable clinic. A laser is an expensive piece of equipment, so it's crucial to get it correctly the first time.

Your operating costs will be very minimal because a decent diode laser can handle millions of pulses. Additionally, it will speed up and improve the effectiveness of your medical treatments.

Additionally, a lot of these devices offer a great level of comfort and safety. While receiving treatment, your hands will stay cool thanks to the use of a cool tip and clear ultrasonic gel.

You must first turn on your laser for hair removal before choosing the appropriate energy level by touching on the screen and beginning the treatment. The laser will direct a light beam onto the skin, heating up the desired location. The heat will then be absorbed by the hair, damaging the hair follicle.

The area will be permanently destroyed as a result of this operation, rendering it incapable of producing new hair. This is so because a laser is intended to disable the hair follicle, and because it destroys the follicle, it is incapable of growing again.

In contrast to other methods of hair removal, permanent reduction requires a series of treatments to ensure that all hair follicles have been addressed and will not grow back in the future.

The 808nm wavelength is the most widely used and most successful laser for removing hair; it is a safe and adaptable wavelength that can be used on all skin types. Because it absorbs melanin at a medium rate, it is safer for darker skin tones than 755nm Alexandrite.


One of the most common and efficient cosmetic procedures is inexpensive laser hair removal. It can permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted hair while minimizing inflammation and discomfort during treatment. It is a safe and non-invasive process.

The most economical professional hair removal equipment is the diode laser. They deliver outcomes that last and are also incredibly effective and reliable.

Sessions might run from six to eight weeks, depending on the location and kind of skin. They may ultimately result in a 70–90% hair loss.

Anti-inflammatory lotions can be used to reduce the sensitivity some people have to the laser's heat. Multiple laser hair removal treatments are feasible, and some people might require a few touch-ups for even greater results.

A professional laser hair removal device might range widely in price between different brands. Thankfully, PrettyLasers provides some of the greatest laser hair removal equipment at incredibly low pricing.

By contrasting the spot size, power, and other technical details of several models, we can assist you in identifying the most suitable laser hair removal system for your company. You can rapidly determine which model is the greatest option for your company by concentrating on these elements.

For instance, the 5000 watt Eneka PRO from PrettyLasers, which has varied spot sizes and different wavelengths to treat all skin and hair types, is the most potent diode laser hair removal device. Additionally, this device has an integrated cooling system to keep patients at ease throughout procedures.

Any salon or clinic that need a strong and dependable diode laser hair removal system should get this device. It can get rid of extra body hair from regions including the face, legs, and armpits.

The laser is able to generate a lot of energy thanks to a high-power generator. This enables it to perform more hair removal than other lasers in a single session.

The diode laser is non-harmful and secure. It may be used on a variety of skin and hair types, and its 808nm wavelength is regarded as the Gold Standard in permanent hair removal.

It is simple to use and features pre-programmed protocols for both the client and the operator, as well as a user-friendly graphic interface. By doing this, you may cut training time in half and make sure that your team is finishing procedures quickly.