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How to choose a suitable aesthetic laser machine

Time : 2023-03-20 Hits : 7

We are Weifang KM electronics Co.,Ltd, a manufacturer of beauty laser machine since 2009.

If you want find a aesthetic laser machine for your beauty salon or clinic, how should you choose a good supplier for the best machine, best price and timely after service?

After doing a lot of research at beauty exhibition, in the E-commerce website, or by google , all manufacturer tell you that their machine quality is best, their price is best. But for you, how do you tell the difference between the different suppliers?

To be honestly, that is not really enough time in this two minutes video for me to compare between different suppliers. But I going to give you 4 things which you should consider


1.     Don’t compare a machine by it’s specification parameters, it will be a misleading if you are not familiar with the machine technical. Normally, they generally think that a high power, high number on the specification means that machine is wonderful. But do you really think the machine meet your request? 

2.     Don’t buy a very cheaper machine, don’t buy a overpriced machine. Buy a machine in middle price with good value. I will tell you how choose a good price machine.

3.     Don’t buy machine from trading company. As we know, aesthetic beauty machines need timely and professional after service, need good training. A real manufacturer can give you technical support and online training, they can also help you to solve the machine problem with their engineer. I will tell you how to find a realmanufacturer

4.     Don’t buy machine which don’t have Medical CE, FDA,MDL etc approval. Do you know why?

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