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Fiber coupled laser diode hair removal machine

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Now in the market, there are 2 kinds of fiber laser. The main difference is the laser stack structure and the laser power.

One structure is independent luminescent diode for the laser stack.

Another one is laser bar structure for the laser stack.


Following is the independent luminescent diode structure.

There are 32 diodes and each diode power is 12W. All the diode light through the 45 degree lenses to the beam combiner, then to fiber, then to light modulat, then the light will emit to laser handle by the fiber.



1.   Machine quality is much steady and much better.

2.   Energy output will be more average, clients feeling will be better. Less pain

3.   Laser power is bigger


1, price is expensive.

Following is the laser bar structure.

Each laser bar has 19 diodes, each diode connect a fiber, then all fibers will be bind together



1. With the fiber optics diode laser machine, the laser light go to the skin by the

fiber optics. The laser diode inside of the machine.

With the normal diode laser machine, the laser light go the skin through the

crystal and the laser stack inside of laser handle.

2. Fiber laser diode machine handle is much lighter and much smaller

Normal diode laser machine handle is heavy.

3. Fiber diode laser machine shots can reach 50 millions.

Normal diode laser machine handle shot is 20 millions.

4. Fiber laser machine is much lighter than normal diode laser machine

5. Fiber laser machine don’t have a high request for water



1.   Fiber has the risk of damage by external force, once there is damage, it will leak light.

2.   The diode energy may increase the fiber temperature and melt the fiber.