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2023 Version Frational co2 laser machine

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Fractional co2 laser working theory

CO2 fractional matrix pixel laser adopts scanning dot matrix .The laser is emitted in a way to form a burn area on the epidermis, with removal of the epidermis and variable portions of the dermis as well as associated residual heating, resulting in new collagen for-mation and skin tightening The laser energy instantly vaporize wrinkles and scar tissue, stimulating collagen synthesis, start to repair the tissue, remodeling collagen and other skin reactions. Finally achieve facial sculpting, fine lines disappear, skin becomes radiant Smooth and delicate.

Fractional Co2 laser


Fractional mode:

Face rejuvenation, remove face fine line and tighten skin, remove freckle, nevus zygomaticus and other spots, remove scars, smooth uneven holes, acne mark. Stretch mark removal.

Pulse mode:

Remove sarcoma/nevusand mole. Such as pigmented mole,senile wart etc

Vulva mode: vulva and areola younger

Vagina mode: Postpartum Recovery, vagina tightening, Urinary incontinence

 Fractional co2 laser machine

Treatment mode:

Pulse mode: In the pulse mode, the laser emits laser light in the form of pulses, and the pulse width of each output light is longer, and the working frequency is higher. Lower than super pulse mode, it is the most commonly used working mode of laser.

Super Pulsed Mode: Super-pulse mode is a laser working mode with faster frequency and narrower pulse width, because the frequency Faster and narrower pulse width, the laser pulse emitted by the laser in super pulse mode is shorter and has stronger energy, more penetrate, but not all lasers can reach the output frequency of super-pulse mode, Not all lasers can respond under high frequency control signal.

Single mode: Only one laser beam is emitted after stepping on the foot switch; the residence time is controlled by the single pulse width, Scope: 1-50ms

Continuous mode: When the pedal switch is depressed, the laser is continuously emitted, and when the pedal is raised, the emission is finished. 

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