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Newest 4 in 1 multifunction machine for hair removal, tattoo removal, body sliming and skin tightening

Time : 2022-10-12 Hits : 21

The 4 in 1 multifunction was launched by Weifang KM 8th, October.  This is a update machine on the basic of our normal diode laser machine.
After our technician’s 6 months research and test, we successfully add the IPL SHR handle, Nd yag laser handle and Tripolar RF handle to the diode laser machine. Now, there are 4 handles which can meet different treatment request.
Diode laser handle can do permanent hair removal treatment.
IPL SHR handle can do skin rejuvenation treatment, acne treatment and pigment treatment
Nd Yag laser handle can do different color tattoo removal, black doll treatment
RF handle can do skin lift, skin tightening and wrinkle remove.

As a beauty machine manufacturer, we can also customize the handle according client’s request. For example, some client no need the RF skin tightening handle, then we can remove the RF handle and only keep diode laser handle, nd yag laser handle and IPL SHR handle for client.

If you are alreay a user of Weifang KM, we will give you a special gift when you order the 4 in 1 multifunction machine.