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2023 Version dual handles diode laser hair removal machine

Time : 2022-10-12 Hits : 29

We are very glad to tell all of our clients, the 2023 version diode laser depilation machine is coming!

With this laser diode machine hair removal machine, you will have 2 laser handles for treatment.
One laser handle with 14*14mm2 spot size handle, it can be used for small treatment, such as face, armpit, bikini area etc. The small crystal will be easy to move in small area and the energy output is more focused.

The second handle with 12*35mm2 spot size. It can be used for big area treatment, such as back, chest, legs, arms etc. The 12*35mm2 big spot size can cover more area than 14*14mm2 spot size handle, and with big spot size handle, you can also set a higher frequency, then the treatment time will be much less than small size handle.

Following is the new version laser diode machine advantages:
1. USA Coherent company made laser bars
2. Super TEC cooling system+radiator cooling
3. Italy brand water pump
4. 20 million laser shots.
5. Germany made connectors.
6. 15.6 inch 4K screen
7. we have 500W laser handle, 600W laser handle, 1000W laser handle, 1200W laser handle and  max 1600W laser handle.
8. Europe Medical CE, US FDA, MDSAP, TGA approval.

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