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Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser Machine Information
2018-02-03 10:15:04

Nd Yag Laser Machine Benefits

brown age and liver spots (lentigines) removal

Freckles treatment

Tattoo removal treatment

Removes brown birthmarks and Nevus of Ota

Improve skin tone, skin rejuvenation

How Does it Work?

The nd yag laser tattoo removal machine will emit light to the pigmented skin, the energy shattering the pigment into small parts which are more easily processed and eliminated by the body. You need about 10 minutes treatment. A mild to moderate irritation of the overlying skin is to be expected for a few days to a week, depending on the depth and amount of pigment to be removed.

Who can do q switch nd yag laser treatment?

Most skin types person can do laser tattoo treatment. Patients with tans should wait until their tan fades before undergoing this treatment.

What can I Expect?

Reduction or removal of small birthmarks which may improve one's sense of confidence and self esteem.

Results may vary.

Safety & Side Effects

This treatment has a very strong track record for safety and precision. Brown spots become slightly irritated for a few days to a week or so. Side effects are rare and generally temporary. The specific risks and the suitability of these procedures for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation. All procedures have some degree of risk. Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally.

Recovery Time

Patients need about a few days to take off. Until next day, the body, hands, face will return to normal condition.

Does it Hurt?

The Nd:YAG laser treatment causes a slight small sting. The patients can bear the sting.

Before Treamnt Instructions

Avoid excessive sun exposure. Avoid tanning for one month before your treatment.

After Treamnt Instructions

Wash the area with a mild soap and gently pat dry, then apply a soothing moisturizer to the skin. Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning for one week after your treatment. Consider the use of sunscreens. Patients who undergo the treatment to remove brown spots should consider the use of fading creams and sunscreen after the procedure.

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